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Meet Tish.

Tish has been a licensed hair stylist for over 20 years.

For many of these years she was a hair stylist for the entertainment industry. She created wigs and hairstyles for feature films, television shows, commercials, and print advertising. She has designed wigs for Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Las Vegas showgirls. Her talent in hair design has earned her 4 Emmy Award nominations and 2 Emmy Award wins.

When her sister was diagnosed with skin cancer on her scalp and lost hair due to radiation treatments, Tish was able to utilize all of her wig designing abilities to create a natural, light weight, comfortable hair piece to cover the unattractive bald area.

This personal experience made Tish aware of the many women with similar challenging hair loss issues. With a new found passion, Tish started limiting her entertainment industry assignments and started working in a salon specializing in hair services for women with fine, thin hair and hair loss issues.

Tish is certified in different types of hair extension applications and hair replacement methods. She constantly updates her education, uses state of the art techniques and continues to search for new and better hair replacement methods. Tish treats each client situation individually and offers solutions with integrity for their hair type and life style. Her clients range in age from 17 to 60+ and are experiencing hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, radiation, and other medical conditions. Wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions, and integration units are used to create beautiful natural hair styles.

"I have met a lot of famous people and have been to a lot of exciting places with the entertainment industry, however none of it compares to being able to positively enhance a persons life" says Tish. With her incredible hair addition services Tish is able to help women regain their self confidence, help them feel more attractive, and have the hair they should have naturally.